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About our blog

Blogging is a massive online industry. People from all around the world are trying to get a piece of it. Everyone thinks they have something unique and valuable to share. Since it’s so broad and used, starting a new blog in 2019 might not sound like the best idea. Especially with all the naysayers filling us with doubts and negative thoughts. So many people are into this, the gold pie has been taken, nothing is left. Besides, what can we say that it hasn’t been said before? What can we offer that’s not on the market? Who are we to challenge the big names and why are we wasting our precious time?

Who Are We?

Let’s begin with the boring stuff. We are a young couple, from a small, little known country. Working at dead-end jobs side by side, supporting a cause that it’s not really close to our hearts. Going to work every day because we have to pay our bills, not because we are in love with what we do.

We have more acquaintances than close friends. We have more dreams than accomplishments. We don’t do well with the masses. We don’t like going out to clubs until early in the morning. We don’t like getting drunk with our peers. We don’t do drugs, we don’t even smoke. We are definitely not the cool kids.

In fact, if you read carefully our topics, you might notice the opposite. We work out, we read, we write, we love, we walk, we bike, we share, we live… in our own way.

Why We Started?

You might ask – “what can you tell me that I don’t already know?”. How can we add value to you? Why should you even spend your time reading this?

We began sharing our dreams with each other. We talked so much about it that at one point we were on the edge of nothingness. We have that syndrome of talking and dreaming too much of something.  

We wanted to make it perfect. To have dozens of topics already written and edited, ready to conquer the online world. But then came the questions – what are we going to talk about? After all, we haven’t done anything special or big. We haven’t launched the new Facebook or Google.

So why would people read our stories? And what stories will we have?

We did what everyone who lacks ideas would do – a Google research. What do people read? What kind of topics are written? Who should they be for? How can we advertise?

All those questions lead to a simple truth – we were on a path to be like everyone else in the online blogging world.

And finally, it hit us. Don’t write about what people might want to read. Don’t go with all the rest and follow the same path.

As cliché as it might sound, we decided to be ourselves and just go for it. Let’s buy the name, let’s put in the work and just hope for the best. In our opinion, nothing bad can come out if you put all the passion you have in it.

What Can You Expect on the Blog?

Will keep this short and simple – all of the above and more. We do our best to keep growing, learning, be positive and ultimately – to feel happy and satisfied. If we can make a difference for even one of you in the process, it would bring huge smiles on our faces.

If you are reading this, if you feel even slightly connected, we are always open to a good conversation. Make sure you check out the blog regularly, we will be posting 1-2 posts per week. We promise that we will not be spamming you with unnecessary information. We will be sharing our honest and open thoughts with all of you.