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Who is “He”?

I am the logical part of the equation. I like science, simplicity, problem-solving. I (usually) leave emotions out and stick to logic-based solutions that are mostly based on facts and common sense. I prefer solitude, following routines, sticking to plans, and improving daily with small steps. I don’t like when things are outside of my control.

I like sports, finance, writing, reading, working out, studying, improving. When I socialize, I do it with very few people around me. It takes months if not years to become a friend with someone new. I hate small talks, couldn’t care less about the weather.

I prefer asking questions, listening and learning from more experienced people. I try not to overshare because I learned that people rarely listen. I am trying not to help people unless they have asked for it – nobody cares if you give them the best advice.

I want to start a business and I want to help the people around me (those who can appreciate it). I want to travel the world or as much as possible.

Having a variety of interests can lead to a lack of focus and I am trying to be in control if it. I needed an outlet of my experiences, thoughts, experiments, failures, accomplishments, habits, hobbies. The best idea of that that I could think of was – yes, you guessed it – blogging.

Who is “She”?

I’m the emotional and impulsive one. For better or for worse, I can’t control that. I love being creative and my favorite way to express that is by cooking. I live for food, new recipes, ingredients that surprise my taste buds. The kitchen is the place where I’m most focused, inspired and creative. That’s the only place where I don’t overthink everything and I just follow my instincts. My ultimate goal and dream is to own my own bakery someday and I know this is just a matter of time!

I love traveling, being active, being healthy and spending time with my favorite people. The most important things in life for me are taking care of my health and having a great, stable relationship with my partner.