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Book Review – Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris

Book Review – Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris

As I stated before, I wanted to start reviewing some of the books that I have read and will be reading. Some will have only a short description and whether or not you should read them, but some will have bigger ones. Tribe of Mentors is from the second type as it really went above my expectations. So let’s not waste any more time.

About the Author

Tim Ferris is a best-selling author with his most famous book arguably being The 4 Hour Workweek (a review will be coming up later). He is also an entrepreneur and ultra-successful podcaster – the Time Ferris Show (creative, I know). I have read a few of his books and the next one on my list is Tools of Titans. To be honest, he is one of the few authors that I felt a connection with from the start. Then I learned that we were born on the same date (July 20th) – must be a sign, right?

An Overview of the Book

Tribe of Mentors is written as a script of numerous interviews that Tim has made with successful and very successful people (according to how society accepts that role). It’s a monster of a book with 600 pages where Tim has sent 11 questions to all of them (with very few exceptions) and they answer to whatever they decide. These people include Ray Dalio, Maria Sharapova, Ben Stiller, Tony Hawk, Brandon Stanton, Dustin Moskovitz, and many more.

The Questions

I won’t give the exact questions nor will I quote specific answers (that’s the point of reading the book). However, I can summarize the questions. The most answered ones were about books, favorite failures, advice for young people. The other questions included favorite purchases (under $100 USD), successful habits, weird habits, anxiety, and a few others.

Tribe of Mentors and I

As previously mentioned, I do feel a connection with the author. However, 98% of the book’s content is other people’s answers. I was skeptical when I started (that’s why I delayed it with months). To be honest, it’s not the most intriguing book – you know, the ones that you start in the morning and you don’t want to leave alone until you devour it all. It took me almost a month to finish it (going with another one simultaneously).

And yet, after every second or third page, a new point of view comes and gives you a different look on the questions. Another piece of wisdom comes and you can filter it. I felt that some of the answers do not resonate with me at all. I even skipped some, while others I read a few times and even wrote down. That’s the whole point of the book.
You are not meant to like/dislike everyone. You are not meant to be friends or hate everyone. That’s why there are so many people around us. We have the option to choose – you can be with (almost) everyone that you want to be. Tribe of mentors serves the same way – you can read whoever you want to read from and learn from them. You won’t feel a connection with everyone but you can learn something new from everyone if given the chance.

Most Recommended Books

The most recommended book was Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frankl. Others included but definitely not limited to:

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined (Steven Pinker)
The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand)
Tao Te Ching (Lao Tzu)
The Hero with a Thousand Faces (Joseph Campbell)
Poor Charlie’s Almanack (Charles Munger)

There are numerous more but again – the book deserves a reading, so don’t be lazy and do it.

Anxiety and Successful People

As one of the questions was about what these people do when they feel pressured, out of focus, out of control, and etc, the answers intrigued me. I was not surprised as there are only a few answers to this question in the book.
Meditation is a leading example. Sports and simply walking in nature or in parks comes next. Reading a good book is here as well and interestingly enough – doing nothing. Someone suggested that we just lay down and do nothing, think about nothing, imagine nothing. I believe this would be the hardest of them all. That’s why I prefer sports and walking (with music or podcast).

Quotes and Outtakes

I decided to gather some of the quotes in the book and put them here. Tim has done the same (one of us is copying…) so let’s just go through them. I suggest that you go through some of them slowly and even repeat them. A lot of hidden magic is here and deserves to be appreciated:

Everyone who lives within his means suffers from a lack of imagination.
What you seek is seeking you.
Busy is a decision.
What would you do if you aren’t afraid?
Learn more, know less / no one owes you anything.
Action may not lead to happiness, but there is no happiness without action. 
Marco patience, micro speed.
Courage over comfort. 
There is no way to happiness – happiness is the way. 
Sometimes you need to allow life to save you from what you want. 
Your dreams are the blueprint to reality. 
Always ask: What Am I missing and listen to the answer. 
Celebrate the childlike mind. 
I not only use all the dreams that I have but all that I can borrow. 
Don’t believe everything you think. 
Talk less, listen more. 
Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often. 
If you can’t laugh at it, you lose. 
Some of the most successful deals are the ones that you don’t do. 
Great opportunities never have “great opportunities” in the subject line. 
Be present. 
He suffers more than necessary, who suffers before it is necessary. 
Discipline equals Freedom.
Life is f’n beautiful.

Conclusion and Recommendations

I do recommend this book. It’s a great book to have and just go through the pages of wisdom, having a written-down mentor who will share his/her experience. Skip some, write down some, feel some. Spend some time with those people as there are a lot of valuable lessons to be learned.
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