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How and why you should make a vision board

How and why you should make a vision board

Nowadays, everyone has heard of the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking. Many books, movies, documentaries, and researches about it have gone viral. People aspire to have a more optimistic approach and mindset in order to attract the good things in life.


The power of visualization


If you’ve been reading about the power of your subconscious, then you must have come across the practice of visualizing. Visualization is one of the most powerful and effective exercises you can do to achieve any goals you have. Whether that’s having the perfect job, finding the partner of your dreams or buying the car you’ve always wanted, you can visualize anything and sooner or later, it will be manifested. Many people are still skeptical about visualizing your goals but whether you believe it or not, it does work. By visualizing something, you’re activating the powers of your subconscious. You train your brain to start attracting and noticing resources, people, and opportunities that can lead you to your goal.  


Even researches prove that. Many Olympic athletes and other successful people practice visualization to improve their performance and reach their objectives. I was actually fascinated with this when I read my favorite swimmer Michael Phelps’ autobiography. He talks a lot about this in it. Every morning when he woke up and every night before going to bed, he visualized his races. He visualized his every move underwater, the way he felt, the way he won and the records he broke. And in each visualization, he finished first. So in his mind he had already won hundreds of times before actually getting the gold and that is the essence of visualizing. You have to picture, feel and believe that your goal has already been achieved. The more you focus on this, the faster it will happen.


The way vision boards work is based on the same thing. When you see the things you dream about every day, it will be easier for your brain to picture them and focus on them. Seeing something on a picture is surely easier than imagining it. The more details you have of that thing in your head, the more effective it will be. Remember that the Universe loves it when you’re specific so you have to be clear about what you want to attract.


What should you put on your vision board?


Put on your vision board anything you want to attract in life. Anything you want to achieve, have, feel or experience. Things that inspire you and motivate you, things that make you feel happy and grateful. Thinking about the stuff you want may seem easy at first but when you actually start thinking about it, you’ll realize that’s actually way more overwhelming than you expected. That’s why it’s a good idea to divide your goals into different areas of your life like health, career, finance, travel, partnership.


After that write a list of the things you want under each of these areas, then go print cool, colorful images that represent these things, buy a board and pin them on it.


You can always add new things to your vision board as your goals will change too. And you will be amazed when you realize that they are slowly manifesting one by one. Another great idea is printing out motivational quotes and messages which you can read every day. They can become your daily mantras for success and abundance you can live by and repeat to yourself in case of doubt. Consider putting pictures of yourself and people you love too. Find ones on which you look happy and fulfilled.


You can live by this principle and surround yourself with things you love and admire everywhere – in your home, office or car. Hang pretty, happy images on your fridge and decorate your desk with motivational quotes and pictures of loved ones. Listen to music that makes you happy on your way to work or while you’re stuck in traffic.


Once you start teaching your mind to focus on the good things in life, the more you will notice the bright side of life and the more great people and experiences you will attract. Life is about being happy, so be grateful, smile and go make a vision board.



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