• Health

    Why do you need to take probiotics?

    My digestion has always been pretty bad. I used to get painful bloating and stomachache almost every single day. And by bloating, I don’t mean just slight discomfort, I mean I looked legitimately pregnant. When I was younger I didn’t…

  • pictures of places in Italy

    Budget Trip to Puglia, Italy – Part 3

    We had the little cute Italian beast a.k.a Fiat 500 for one more day and we had scheduled 3 towns to visit. After Bari and Matera in the first and second part, this one is focused on Ostuni, Alberobello, Monopoli,…

  • picutre of Matera in Italy

    Budget Trip – Puglia, Italy Part 2

    We went through the first part of our 4-day trip and we covered Bari in the first part. Now we should talk about the more commercial part starting with the town that was crowned as the European capital of culture…

  • Travel

    Budget Trip – Puglia, Italy Part 1

    We love traveling and we believe this is one of the most important things in life. That’s why we make it a priority and try to travel at least 4-5 times a year. However, we know this is not always…

  • Health

    Why is coffee bad for you? (part 2)

    In the first part of this article, we saw how good coffee can be. This fact can make coffee lovers very happy. But before you make any final conclusions, take your time to understand the bad effects coffee may also…

  • Lifestyle

    Why you should meditate?

    Being at peace with yourself and everything that’s happening to you, no matter positive or negative, is an important part of your overall health. Even if you hit the gym 5 times a week and you eat super healthy, anxiety…