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Why you should meditate?

Why you should meditate?

Being at peace with yourself and everything that’s happening to you, no matter positive or negative, is an important part of your overall health. Even if you hit the gym 5 times a week and you eat super healthy, anxiety and stress can have negative effects on you both physically and mentally. One of the best methods to fight stress and bad thoughts is to meditate. The process of meditating is gaining more popularity lately but it has been practiced by people all around the world for hundreds of years. You can use mediation to keep your good mood, to have better focus and sleep, and to feel better in general.

A few years ago I used to meditate regularly and I did feel the benefits. It’s nice to feel your head getting clearer, to feel your heart rate slow down and to get a burst of happiness and gratitude. The great news is that it requires literally nothing to meditate. You don’t need fancy scented candles, Zen music or special mantras. The way I used to meditate was super simple and I used to just sit on my balcony at sunset, trying to shut my mind and to not think about anything.

So now back to the present. I said I used to meditate but then for some reason I stopped and I had forgotten how much that helped me until recently. So, I decided to start incorporating some meditation every now and then again. However, I also decided to make some research on it first and to write this article.

So let’s see what the benefits of mediation actually are:

Reduces Stress

This is probably the main reason you might want to start meditating. Truth is that meditating regulates your heart rate and the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol in your body can cause inflammation, fatigue, weak immune system, and insomnia. Studies show that people with stressed lives who meditated a few times a week have decreased their stress levels significantly.

Helps Focus and Attention Span

If you meditate, you will feel how much clearer your mind becomes and how you stop thinking about meaningless things. This makes you a lot more focused and determined. You can study or work more easily and you will see that it will be harder to get distracted or absent-minded. Studies prove also that you notice more details in your surroundings after you meditate.

Reduces Anxiety

Besides reduced stress, if you meditate regularly, you will have less anxiety. This includes phobias, paranoia and panic attacks. If you’re anxious before school or a job interview, you will do yourself a great favor if you meditate before that. And chances are, you will do better as well.

Improves Memory

With age, our memory can become weaker but if we have a strong focus and clarity of thinking, we can keep our minds young and sharp. Besides preventing memory loss due to aging, meditation also helps patients with dementia.

Improves Sleep

When I was meditating regularly, I often did it at night when I could not fall asleep. When you learn to meditate, you are able to relax your whole body and calm your mind. Then, naturally, you are able to fall asleep faster and to have a better sleep quality.

Can Help Fight Addictions

Meditating can help you become more self-aware and to have stronger mental discipline and willpower. This is especially important for drug or alcohol addicts. If you take time for some meditation, you will also see how your mind will naturally be able to understand what is good or bad for you.

Reduces Pain

Truth is, you perceive pain differently depending on your state of mind. Have you noticed how much stronger you feel pain if you are nervous, sad or annoyed? When you meditate, you eliminate bad emotions and you become calmer. This can help reduce chronic or intermittent pain.

These are just a few of the benefits you can get from meditating. Not only that, but there are no side effects or negatives to this practice. I believe we should always strive to do something for ourselves that will improve not only our physical but also our mental health. And I hope I will continue meditating consistently because I’m already convinced how much it has helped me. Hopefully you will try it out too.


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